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Let Us Plan Your Child's Next Birthday Party

This year, when your child turns a year older, you can actually enjoy the event instead of focusing on the party’s details. Home birthday parties frequently include cooking, an extensive set up and an even more elaborate cleanup. We know that a worry-free party may seem like a fantasy, but with our help, you can experience it. Our birthday festivities are exciting, thrilling and packed with unexpected moments to give your child an unforgettable celebration

Children love to learn, and with us taking care of the birthday details, they’ll have the chance to participate in a karate lesson filled with activities and martial arts themed entertainment. In fact, our karate-trained party instructor will teach the group a safe technique for breaking a board. Since it’s your child’s birthday, he or she will assist the teacher throughout the class. 

Once the party attendees have completed the class, they will dine on pizza and juice. The cake cutting moment is truly memorable as your child will be slicing the dessert with an authentic samurai sword. You won't have to worry about sword safety since we’ll have a black belt instructor on hand for assistance.  

Lots to Choose From

Our friendly staff will take care of the clean-up, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and take plenty of pictures. All of our Black Belt instructors enjoy working with children. Furthermore, it is our goal to provide your family with a truly delightful birthday party. We invite all parents to the celebration, and we even offer a selection of themes and packages. For example, our basic package includes party favors for up to 10 children while the extreme option will have your child returning home with the samurai sword. We also have a deluxe package, which provides food and favors for up to 20 children. Contact us to schedule the event, and we’ll make sure that the party exceeds your child’s expectations. 

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